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5 Best gadgets with in 500 rupees found in Amazon

5 Best gadgets with in 500 rupees found in Amazon

Friends, you must have shopped from Amazon and you have also got many gadgets available.  But today we will tell you about the 5 best gadgets you can easily get from Amazon, and they are very cheap.  These gadgets are less than 500 rupees.

5 Best gadgets with in 500 rupees in Amazon

1. Mini GPS Tracking Device

You can find it in Amazon, it will be easy to find with the help of the picture above.  Its price is just Rs. 359.

You can easily put this device in your child, pet, car, motor cycle, bike etc. because it is small in size and its weight is also low.  You can track whatever device you put in this device with the help of your phone.

2. Color Changing Digital LED Alarm Clock

In the Amazon, you will find this clock at Rs 399.  You will see it in Amazon, it will look great in size, but its size is 9 × 8.6 × 8.5 centimeters.  It has 3 AAA batteries.

The specialty of this watch is that it has LED in it which turns it into different colors.  You can keep it in your sleeping room, office table, shop counter etc. Because it is very beautiful to look.  

You can also band your LED and you can also put an alarm in it.  There are also quite good features in this hour that make this good in this value.

3. Pinless Stapler

The name suggests only what is the feature of this gadget.  Using this stapler you can staple any paper without any pin.

Now you must be wondering how it is possible without a pin, so let us tell you that it has been made that it does not need a pin.  And when you use it will only know how it is possible.

It is available in Amazon for a price of 400 rupees.  Believe it is a very nice gadget that saves you the expense of your repeated pins at one time cost, and with the help of this, it leaves this very attractive design paper in stapling.

4. Wireless Bluetooth Reciever Adapter

These adapters can turn any of your sound devices into Bluetooth.  For example, you have a homethiator, headphone, speaker, amplifier, etc. 

You can make wireless with the help of this device, and connect any device from Bluetooth to mobile, computer, laptop and so on.

This device is portable and has quite high quality.  This will get you in the Rs 120 for Amazon.

5. Motion Sensor Alarm Lock

This lock is metal and has a lot of weight.  The special thing is that there is a motion sensor in it.  If there is any teaser in this, then there is a lot of noise coming out of it which is 110db.  

That means even if someone tries to break your locks at night, then people around you will also wake up from deep sleep for hearing its voice.

Its price is Rs 499 in Amazon and the battery is used in it.  And this is quite good to look.


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