Monday, 26 August 2019

In danger, Qualcomm, smartphone if your phone is in Qualcomm chipset then read this news

In danger, Qualcomm's smartphone 

You must have heard of Qualcomm's name. Qualcomm is an American Chip Maker company. Which makes processors for smartphones. Apart from this, the company also produces many other types of chips. You will find Qualcomm's processor in almost all flagship smartphones. However, its processor is sometimes used in cheap smartphones.
In danger, Qualcomm's smartphone

If your phone is also Qualcomm processor then this news may be very important for you. Also, there is a need to be very cautious as many of Qualcomm's many processors have encountered a major drawback. By taking advantage of that hackers can steal personal information by user.

Let's know that this bug has come in Qualcomm's chipsets.

The media report says that the security bugs of the CVE-2018-11976 have been reported in Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 series, 400 series, Snapdragon 625, 660, 670, 710, 820, 835 and 845. This bug was detected by a security expert named Rehan.

 This bug can cause the hacker to reach the personal data of the user and the user's personal information can also be stolen. Due to this bug hackers can also hack up to Qualcomm's encrypted security executives. However Qualcomm has removed this bug.

Qualcomm has bugs in regards to processors.

This has also been confirmed by the company and the company says that the bug has now been fixed. However, the company also said that hacker is not so easy to take advantage of Qualcomm's security executive environment bug and take advantage of any user's personal data.

 The company has encrypted the user's personal data. Although the company has also acknowledged that the user's encrypted private data service remains in the memory. 

The hacker can access it.If your phone has a Qualcomm processor, then you must check the security updates by going to the settings of your phone. If you have received any new security update, install it immediately.


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